Due to confidentiality we cannot share marketing plans with the public, but in this section we go into detail on what we offer to our clients.

We offer "Business Development" which means we will attend network gatherings for you. Even today in a world of social media and fast paced business connections it is important to have face to face connections. We will learn everything that your company has to offer and act as a liaison between you and your client. Sometimes the most honest connection starts with a hand shake. 

Ad space purchases can be difficult. Making the best use of your marketing budget can make or break your company, especially for smaller businesses. Questions we will answer:

  • What platform should I use? 
  • Is this the right time?
  • Will this reach my target market?
  • Is this really a good deal?
  • Is this really necessary?

If at any point you are in the midst of setting up a meeting with seller we will be there to assist you, to ask the right questions.

AlanB Marketing Solutions also will create your websites (using third party platforms). We do this to keep your costs down. This allows our individual and small buisness clients to easily access and manage their website as they wish. This will also simultaneously allow us to manage and design as needed.

If you are needing a logo or perhaps stock photos we have a photography and design department for you. We will work with you on creating a logo that suits your company's culture.

For more information please go to our contact page and email or call us to let us know how we can meet your needs.